As an investor, if you want a “get rich quick” scheme you are better off at a casino.  At least they’ll give you free food and drinks. When it comes to investing, Foresight leaves emotional, "too good to be true" strategies at the door. Over the long run, they just don’t work. And your money deserves better.

Our process is proven and disciplined. You will always have a Certified Investment Management Analyst® advisor creating and managing your customized portfolios designed with a constant focus on the goals and outcomes that matter most to you. Your portfolio is diligently managed, adjusted as needed for changes in the economic and regulatory outlook, as well as any significant changes in your financial goals and/or situation.

We combine our expertise and carefully selected investments with some of the top money managers in the world to design portfolios that strive to deliver the best possible risk-adjusted returns, net of tax, inflation and fees, to meet your goals.

We accommodate existing holdings – including concentrated stock positions – and factor in related considerations, including tax, securities laws and legacy concerns, in the context of each client’s liquidity needs, risk tolerance, tax position and objectives.

We know that it’s what you keep – after taxes and inflation – that matters. That’s why we measure our performance by our success against competitive benchmarks but more importantly in meeting your specific goals.

We do not have any internal products and we have no personal incentive to select one solution over another. Our investment selections are objective, flexible and aligned with your goals and values. Our fees are transparent and we are free from many of the conflicts inherent at other financial institutions.