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Business Owners

Business owners and entrepreneurs are highly motivated people. They are driven to make their companies successful. They are always on the go, and they try to seize every opportunity. But that single-minded focus can take a toll on other aspects of life, including managing one’s personal finances as well as preparing for scenarios besides just growth of the business.

Foresight Financial Advisory understands small business. We are a small business, and have assisted owners with countless aspects in planning for a long term successful business. Our consulting and planning services for small-business owners takes into account both family priorities and business needs. We carefully develop financial plans that take advantage of opportunities to build security for entrepreneurs and their families. Our services include:

  • Cash flow management. Most small business fail because they run into periods where they do not have the cash needed to maintain their overhead.

  • Retirement plan design and selection.

  • Risk management.

  • Business Continuation/Estate planning.

  • Planning for new investors, partners or successors.

  • Ways to attract top talent and ways to retain your top key employees. As well as ways to protect the business from those employees leaving.

Find out how we can help develop a plan to address: protecting what you've built, helping it grow, attracting top talent, and getting top dollar if you ever wish to sell it. With this new confidence that your financial future is on the right track, you can get back to the business of building the company of your dreams.